Planning Long-Term with The Study Room London

The Study Room London, in collaboration with This Time Next Year, are warring against winter ennui with a comprehensive workshop around the subtle art of setting long-term goals. “This Time Next Year: A Guide to Long-Term Goal Planning” being held on Wednesday 27th February 2019 at 1pm, is an informal and informative workshop that gives you practical solutions to an issue that many of us think about, but never achieve; realistically and productively planning for our future.

TTNY Pencils Landscape

This time of year is hard. It’s cold, dark and the excess of Christmas starts to take its toll AND you’ve the added disheartenment of having failed another year of News Years’ resolution, again.

The Study Room London knows (and you should too) that resolutions are a dirty word and must be abandoned at all costs; Lucinda, founder of The Study Room London states, “I hate it, uttering the word makes it feel like you’ve already failed and does nothing to make you feel better about yourself”. She has a developed a workshop that not only provides practical solutions to what seems like an insurmountable tasks and helps you to break down exactly what your goal may be an in a realistic timeline.

Whether it is career or business based, personal or “adulting” goals you wish to accomplish; the workshop solidifies what your goals are, breaking them down into realistic stepping stones and giving yourself a tangible and clear deadline to achieve them, whilst having a bit of fun too.

Being held at This Time Next Year, this flexible and modern workspace is in perfect alignment for this workshop; their motto “Space to think. Space to grow. Space to be brilliant” epitomise what it means to be a modern Londoner with goals to achieve.

Their Leyton coworking space is airy and filled with natural light; designed to help you get inspired, get creative and most importantly get productive and it’s the perfect location for you to identify, confirm and most importantly achieve your goals.

Everyone from freelancers, start – ups and established businesses are welcome, whether you need space for a day or something more permanent, they have suitable space, with a diverse community of likeminded people.

“This Time Next Year” will be hosted by The Study Room London’s founder, Lucinda Batchelor; a lifelong Londoner, who after suffering burnout from a career in buying and procurement decided to set a goal of helping others avoid suffering the same fate; using her tried and tested skills at goal setting, planning and (her favourite) pens and paper to help others to become their most productive selves.

A fully confirmed member of the Stationery Fandom, she was worked diligently to make sure London is on the right productive path, without feeling like a you are being held hostage in a seminar held by monotone instructors with really, really bad coffee & biscuits.

“I am on a crusade to get people planning again, we’ve forgotten what it means to write things down and the true power that can have”


“An informal, fun & informative evening of long term goal setting amongst likeminded individuals in a safe and nurturing space. “

Wednesday 27th February 2019, 1pm, This Time Next Year.

This Time Next Year: A Guide to Long-Term Goal Planning


(Discounts available to This Time Next Year Members) Tickets are available here
Thursday, 7th February, 2019, 7pm
This Time Next Year, 80 Ruckholt Road, Leyton, E10 5FA Contact: for additional information.

The Study Room London – The Home of Luxury, Productive Stationery.

This Time Next Year – A Coworking Community to Help your business thrive.


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