Christmas Cheer Their Career

It’s tough building your business from the ground up. And it can be difficult knowing how to support a loved one on their journey of career fulfilment. Of course, buying and subscribing to what that person is doing is a start, but what if they’re not producing something you can purchase? We’ve the solution right here…

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Getting started with a small business means a lot of sacrifices and a lot of the time means working from home to save on office costs. This can be a lonely way of working and full of distractions. We have a gift that can help freelancers and small business owners of Leyton get out of their ‘working from home’ slump and up into the heady heights of highly productive working.

Especially for Christmas 2018, we’re now offering Flexy Desk Day Vouchers.

Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 14.13.48

Gift your loved one the use of our flexible Leyton workspace, designed to help them get inspired, get creative and get productive – from the interior design, to the cultural and wellness programmes, to the top–notch facilities.


Available from This Time Next Year, 80 Ruckholt Road up until Friday 21st December and cost £10 per Flexy Desk Day. Each voucher is valid up until 30/06/12. For more information, drop us an email on

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