Where will you be This Time Next Year?

With the rise in popularity in flexible coworking spaces, it was only a matter of time before a creative hot-spot such as Leyton had its very own. But rather than a franchisee of the larger coworking spaces you’ll find in the city, what Leyton has is its own independently run space which looks to further enrich an already thriving community.


The very concept of this creative space is about seizing the opportunities to make an idea come to life, and encouraging people to come together to collaborate, learn and grow. It’s this ethos that has been appealing to the boroughs most creative residents and they are already feeling the benefits of using this innovative workspace, with one member sharing about the space on Instagram, ‘It’s high spec, high tech & creative. It includes bespoke furnishings, breakout spaces, swings and Perspex dome hammocks. Today is my 4th day here and my productivity has definitely increased. Now when I’m at work I just work. If I need a change of scenery I can go to another space and carry on working. And when I get home, I am fully present with the family after having a productive day. I don’t feel guilty and I’m not thinking about the work that needs doing upstairs. It’s been a win win for me.’.


On its surface Leyton’s new workspace is flexible, airy and filled with natural light. The interior is designed to help you get inspired, get creative and get productive, and the facilities on offer have been well thought out to make your working day flow seamlessly; including breakout spaces, meeting rooms and phone booths to keep private conversations private.


This Time Next Year believes that for a business to truly thrive, you need more than just a great space. You need to be around great people too. Since its opening in May, This Time Next Year has played host to a plethora of interesting and enriching events. Regular yoga and mindfulness classes look after the minds and bodies of members, while one-off events are member-ledgiving the community space to share their passions and projects. Previous events being She Says London and Stories On Our Plates: Recipes and Conversations, and Author Elaine Kasket is set to deliver an debutant book talk for her upcoming publication, All the Ghosts in the Machine. The events space has also served a great purpose for the Leyton community to find out more about Waltham Forests’ London Borough of Culture activities, with funding surgeries and launch events. Behind the scenes, the team continues to work to develop the space’s wellness programme to encourage its members to enjoy a better work/life balance.


Visit us online at www.thistimenextyear.co.uk to find out more about the community of member, upcoming events and the spaces on offer.


This Time Next Year online:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/TTNY_London

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TTNYLondon/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thistimenextyear_london/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thistimenextyear-london/

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