Win a 6 month settled desk at TTNY!


Win 6 months co-working desk space at TTNY!

 We believe that your productivity during the first 6 months of getting your business off the ground can change everything. This Time Next Year is home to a community of start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers, providing exciting opportunities for both inspiration and collaboration. Where better for your business to take off?

The competition:

We have a full 6-month membership worth more than £1500 to give away to a business we believe in.

Included in your membership;

  • Great location, just 5 minutes from Leyton Station (Central Line)
  • Your very own secure desk space.
  • Amenities such as high-speed wifi, printing, showers, kitchen facilities, lockers, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, events space and an in-house coffee shop (plus many more)
  • Regular events, talks and networking opportunities as well as member’s drinks and games nights.
  • An excellent wellness program including yoga, boxing and mindfulness.

How to enter:

Send us an email telling us about your business –

The top three businesses will then be invited to pitch their idea to TTNY founder, Ciara Lyons and Community Manager Pegah Gashtasbi.

The winner will be registered as a member with us immediately and begin their 6-month journey at TTNY.

Ts&Cs Apply.

Good luck to you all!







Meet Rachel Collinson!

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Tell us what you do.

I help nonprofits find new champions, and raise more money or get more petition signatures/volunteer hours from existing ones. This includes clients like Greenpeace, Mind, Citizens Advice, the University of Westminster, Oxfam, Prostate Cancer UK and many others. I do this through training, coaching and consultancy. My main experience is in digital but this now almost always broadens out into other channels.


How has being part of a coworking space made a change to your productivity?

I get twice as much done when I’m here. I’m a people person and even if I’m just sitting next to somebody who’s deep in the zone, headphones on, somehow that gives me energy and happiness. But the conversations you have always end up being important, too – cross-pollination is necessary for diversity. Creativity is the spark that lights my work – without those fresh ideas from different places, I am done for. And then there’s Finn, of course. Getting excited doggy licks and tail wags always make any day instantly better.
What Is your go-to productivity trick?

My bullet journal. After years of being digital, there’s something so refreshing about actually putting pen to paper. Or washi tape to paper. Or stickers to paper, or… you’d better stop me before it becomes apparent how much of a stationery junkie I really am.


What Is the coolest thing you are working on right now (If you can tell us)?

During July and August, I’m taking three nonprofits on a journey to find their next generation of super-supporters. I can’t wait but I’m also a wee bit nervous because this is unexplored territory for all of us.


What Is one work-related accomplishment that you are super proud of?

Recently, it’s getting big banks to agree to pay back hundreds of millions of pounds they ripped off from local councils. That’s the sort of stuff I live for.


What Is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Oh, geez… there are so many… the first one that comes to mind, but not necessarily the best, is that as a female consultant you are almost always charging less than your customer is willing to pay. So charge more.


What are your favourite Waltham Forest hot spots?

I’m a newcomer to Waltham Forest, so I haven’t explored enough yet to have a favourite. So far, I have to say that The Coach and Horses is a standout place to eat and drink. And be merry.


Where will you be This Time Next Year?

I might have accidentally got myself elected to the European Parliament (vote Green, people!) but if I don’t then I hope I’ll be at a conference making a speech to a lot of trade union folks about what their future looks like. Because – as with most nonprofits – it’s going to be very different from how it looks now.

Meet William Galinsky!

Processed with VSCO with e3 presetTell us what you do.

I am a theatre-maker and arts producer making new projects through my company GALINSKYWORKS.

How has being part of a coworking space made a change to your productivity?

It gives me somewhere to go and focus and feel part of a community. It can be a little hard not to procrastinate in the spare bedroom

What Is your go-to productivity trick?

I am not sure I have one. I juggle lots of project  – some of them are arts consultancy, others involve me producing/project managing other artists, and then there are the projects I produce and create myself. I have had to learn to be less self critical and trust my first instincts more with work and be open to feedback in developing each next phase of work.

What Is the coolest thing you are working on right now (If you can tell us)?

HARD WORK! is an immersive theatre project I am making with a Kung Fu club in Great Yarmouth which uses a Wing Chun Kung Fu masterclass and mixed reality gaming to bring people of very different moral and political views together to explore what they have in common. I am currently in the writing/development/fundraising stage and hopefully it will premiere Summer 2020. I am also curating artistic programmes for both London Boroughs of Culture.

What Is one work related accomplishment that you are super proud of?

I ran big arts festivals for around a decade and am now doing my very first start up. It feels great to be working on my own just on creative projects after a decade of politics and multiple stakeholders
What Is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Believe in yourself. It’s okay to fail – you don’t learn otherwise – but always challenge the ‘cop in the head’
What are your favourite Waltham Forest hot spots?

Wanstead Flats

Where will you be This Time Next Year?

Hopefully developing lots more projects

Boxing comes to TTNY!


BEGINNERS BOXING – Cardio Combat Conditioning with Russel Ncore.

Every Tuesday 7-8pm

3rd Floor

£10 – TTNY members  £15 – non-members

This class is designed to introduce beginners and newcomers to the boxing world with combat techniques and cardio combat fitness.


  1. 10-minute warm-up session
  2. Footwork, twist and striking elements
  3. Team fitness stage (partner workouts)
  4. Core phase (stability and conditioning)
  5. Combat huddle / shadow boxing
  6. Cool down

What you can expect:

  • Combat conditioning
  • Shadow boxing
  • Pad work
  • Teamwork
  • Core conditioning
  • Partner based workouts
  • Self-defense

All equipment provided (although we do recommend that you bring your own gloves).


More about Russell…

Russell has 10 years of experience in personal training. His background in fitness started with martial arts, then gradually, boxing and cardio combat. Russell says that training is not just about physical enhancement but also about mental strength. He promotes a can-do attitude in all his classes to empower each client in achieving their fitness goals.

Main expertise:

• Muscle Tone

• Weight Loss

• Gym based beginners boxing

• Functional Mobility

• Basic easy to follow Diet plans

• Kick start programs

• Core Stability

To book your place email us at

We hope to see you there!

Meet Stephen Humphries!

A5A1AF8E-DD83-4404-9C67-EB3AA7EA23E4.JPGTell us what you do. 

An integrated and strategic-thinking Creative Director with over 15 years in the lifestyle and luxury sector. Delivering world class creative across a variety of categories from food and drink, fashion and beauty, hospitality and travel. Co-founded 81, a strategic & creative agency for the modern affluent mindset specialising in brand development, brand content & advertising.

How has being part of a coworking space made a change to your productivity?

Get to meet others in the creative sector who I could collaborate and discuss projects and opportunities with.

What Is your go-to productivity trick?

Going for a walk.

What Is the coolest thing you are working on right now (If you can tell us)?

Brand Content & Advertising for a Gin Brand.

What Is one work related accomplishment that you are super proud of?

Leading the brand development and communication of a fine jewellery brand which was  nominated for Luxury British brand of the year at the Walpole Awards.

What Is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Completely immersive yourself in the research of a project and then go for a walk, ideas will then come to you.

What are your favourite Waltham Forest hot spots? 

Yardarm, Lighthaus Cafe, The Collab: Signature Brew & We Serve Humans, Wanstead Flats, Epping Forest.

Where will you be This Time Next Year?

Hopefully on holiday.


Stephen also runs 81Lucks, an apparel brand with an interesting twist…here’s some more information…

We’ve all been there, overhearing someone say Mosheeno, Hermez, Gevinchee or realising you’ve been saying Loewe as Low or Loway or Lowee and certainly not Loweveh…

After many years in the luxury industry enjoying how certain brands were often miss-pronounced Stephen Humphries, Creative Director and Co-Founder at 81Agency, decided to put the record straight whilst having a bit of fun at the same time.

Originally @81lucks was simply a playful Instagram channel but after getting lots of love from fashion fans and luxury lovers out there he decided to turn it into the apparel brand it is today.

They have a classic early 90s minimal style and currently specialise in tees & sweatshirts with each brands’ logo in a signature black or multi-colour edition.

To help spread the good word and get everyone #talkinglucks, 81Lucks is offering the TTNY community a 20% shop discount with the code: BELUCKY20 to use on