Meet Sam Lung!

Sam Lung

Sam Lung – Founder of Pretty Decent Music (Publishing and Records) and Commercial Composer

Tell us what you do.

I’ve worked in music for years as a session and concert musician, conductor, sheet music editor, publishing specialist and composer. I now run a new independent publisher and label which specialises in music for television, advertising, gaming, and film, with a steadily-growing roster of composers and musicians ranging pop, classical, electronic, folk and the non-definable. I also consult for major publishers and writers on various matters including sheet music publications and copyright strategy. I like people, I like music and I like beer.

How has being part of a coworking made a change to your productivity?

As a music producer, I generally need a writing setup – my home office/studio. This means that I’m answering emails, writing tracks, doing paperwork, acquiring new business, making calls, preparing audio tracks and project managing all from the same space. Difficult to stay focused! In a shared workspace it’s easier to restrict myself by dividing my tasks, and there’s a feeling that everyone is getting through their work at the same pace. It’s also nice to have a reminder of lunchtimes and ‘end of day’ etc.!

What Is your go-to productivity trick?

Deadlines! I must have a deadline. I’m at my most productive when I’m on the final strait, and often late at night when the world shuts down and I can keep focus.

What Is the coolest thing you are working on right now (If you can tell us)?

Currently working with Italian composer-pianist Ludovico Einaudi on his latest project – an immense 7-album release spanning about 80 new tracks.

What Is one work-related accomplishment that you are super proud of?

At age 15 I did some work experience at Abbey Road Studios, shadowing a film composer amidst a film production – it changed my life and put me on the career path to film/television music writing. At the end of 2017, I finally scored my first feature-length film which we mixed and produced at Warner’s De Lane Lea studio in Soho (an eye-opening experience), and then released on Amazon Prime in early 2018.

What Is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Remember what you’re working for! Make time for friends and family, take care of your health. Don’t panic when everything goes wrong – just put things into perspective.

What are your favourite Waltham Forest hot spots?

Ah, so many… Burgess & Hall and Arch Rivals are both brilliant – such great people, drinks, vibe, food, atmosphere. Also a big fan of the Leyton Star and Forest Tavern. Further south, towards where I live in Stratford – Roof East atop the old Stratford Centre, and the Secret Weapon gaming pub (now rebranded ‘Loading Bar Stratford’).

Where will you be This Time Next Year?

Probably doing more of what I’m doing this time next year, still at This Time Next Year – but better! More music, more people, more fun work.


Earth Day 2019


What is Earth Day?

It began in the US after millions of people took to the streets on April 22, 1970, to protest the negative impacts of industrial development on the environment. It had a huge impact, resulting in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and strong environmental laws in the US such as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. Now Earth Day is a global event, with more than a billion people taking part in marches, petitions, and clean-ups to protect the environment.

What is this year’s Earth Day theme?

The theme for Earth Day 2019 is to ‘Protect Our Species.’ It has been created in response to the destruction of plant and wildlife populations by human activity such as climate change, deforestation, poaching, and pollution.

Here are some ideas from World Earth Day:

  • Prevent the creation of micro-plastics by being careful not to throw plastic products in waterways, beaches or open spaces.
  • Pick up trash – especially plastics – whenever you see it, in ponds, streams, rivers, beaches, when possible.
  • Participate in organised clean-up activities as much as you can.
  • Look up products on the Internet and choose not to buy products containing micro-beads. Choose products that have natural exfoliators instead.
  • Consider changing the way you wash your clothing to reduce the number of microfibers that are released.  There are also bags and other devices you can use in your washing machine to collect the fibers.
  • Consider purchasing items made of natural fibers, when possible.
  • Do not wash off lint from your dryer down the drain. Dispose of it on the trash.

What is happening in London for World Earth Day 2019?

The biggest event celebrating Earth Day in London is at Somerset House. Their Earth Day season runs from until April 29th, bringing together groups of artists, installations and interactive events.

Meet Kahleen Crawford!


Tell us what you do.

We cast feature films and television programmes.

How has being part of a coworking made a change to your productivity?

We already have an office in Glasgow, so for a long time I chose to work from a home office in London. Having TTNY to come to has made a massive difference to the structure of my week, and undoubtedly how productive I can be. There are far fewer distractions and interruptions here!

What Is your go-to productivity trick?

Start with the task you can’t quite face. The day is a dawdle after that’s ticked off the list.

What Is the coolest thing you are working on right now?

The television adaptation of Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy for BBC and HBO. There are talking polar bears…what’s not to love?

What Is one work related accomplishment that you are super proud of?

Having had two of my team work with me for over a decade. We’re a really small company, and it means a lot that I’ve managed to keep them in work, and even more than they’ve chosen to stay!

What Is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Trust your instincts.

What are your favourite Waltham Forest hot spots?

Arch Rivals in E7. The food is AMAZING, great cocktails, beers, lovely staff and owners. Tip: sometimes they close for private events and it’s a good idea to check their instagram before you set off.

Where will you be This Time Next Year? 

Hopefully still in my little glass box on the 2nd Floor here!

Calling all Artists: TTNY Wall Art Competition!

This Time Next Year is turning one and to celebrate we want to give a local Waltham Forest Artist the opportunity to display their talent and skill in our creative workspace.

 The Space

Located on the 3rdfloor of our building is a beautiful communal space. With double height ceilings, loads of natural light and fab views; we believe this is the perfect area to get creative with.


We already display amazing local artwork and wish to continue the tradition by integrating a piece that is themed around the creative community that is based in Waltham Forest and at This Time Next Year.

We would like for the piece to touch on our events programme/culture. Which focuses on the arts (e.g. film, music, dance, etc.) as well as wellness workshops and events (e.g. yoga, mindfulness, wellbeing, etc.)

Submission Date: Tuesday 7thMay

For more information on our events programme you can visit:

Our Aim

Our aim as a company is to create a vibrant working environment that promotes being part of a community. This is why our events programme is so close to our hearts. It brings in people from all walks of life through our doors and creates an opportunity for collaboration and most importantly, friendship. This project is a result of our passion to support and celebrate artists within our community, there is so much talent in this beautiful borough, and we are keen to show it off!

Technical Requirements

Wall size: H350cm x W341cm

Materials: Any materials are fine as long as they can not be smudged/removed easily.

Application: Ideally, you will apply your own design onto the wall using your chosen materials (all materials required will be supplied to you).

How to Submit

Email us a jpg/png file of your final piece to

The Winner

All entries will be judged by Ciara Lyons, founder of TTNY, alongside the creative community at This Time Next Year.

Planning Long-Term with The Study Room London

The Study Room London, in collaboration with This Time Next Year, are warring against winter ennui with a comprehensive workshop around the subtle art of setting long-term goals. “This Time Next Year: A Guide to Long-Term Goal Planning” being held on Wednesday 27th February 2019 at 1pm, is an informal and informative workshop that gives you practical solutions to an issue that many of us think about, but never achieve; realistically and productively planning for our future.

TTNY Pencils Landscape

This time of year is hard. It’s cold, dark and the excess of Christmas starts to take its toll AND you’ve the added disheartenment of having failed another year of News Years’ resolution, again.

The Study Room London knows (and you should too) that resolutions are a dirty word and must be abandoned at all costs; Lucinda, founder of The Study Room London states, “I hate it, uttering the word makes it feel like you’ve already failed and does nothing to make you feel better about yourself”. She has a developed a workshop that not only provides practical solutions to what seems like an insurmountable tasks and helps you to break down exactly what your goal may be an in a realistic timeline.

Whether it is career or business based, personal or “adulting” goals you wish to accomplish; the workshop solidifies what your goals are, breaking them down into realistic stepping stones and giving yourself a tangible and clear deadline to achieve them, whilst having a bit of fun too.

Being held at This Time Next Year, this flexible and modern workspace is in perfect alignment for this workshop; their motto “Space to think. Space to grow. Space to be brilliant” epitomise what it means to be a modern Londoner with goals to achieve.

Their Leyton coworking space is airy and filled with natural light; designed to help you get inspired, get creative and most importantly get productive and it’s the perfect location for you to identify, confirm and most importantly achieve your goals.

Everyone from freelancers, start – ups and established businesses are welcome, whether you need space for a day or something more permanent, they have suitable space, with a diverse community of likeminded people.

“This Time Next Year” will be hosted by The Study Room London’s founder, Lucinda Batchelor; a lifelong Londoner, who after suffering burnout from a career in buying and procurement decided to set a goal of helping others avoid suffering the same fate; using her tried and tested skills at goal setting, planning and (her favourite) pens and paper to help others to become their most productive selves.

A fully confirmed member of the Stationery Fandom, she was worked diligently to make sure London is on the right productive path, without feeling like a you are being held hostage in a seminar held by monotone instructors with really, really bad coffee & biscuits.

“I am on a crusade to get people planning again, we’ve forgotten what it means to write things down and the true power that can have”


“An informal, fun & informative evening of long term goal setting amongst likeminded individuals in a safe and nurturing space. “

Wednesday 27th February 2019, 1pm, This Time Next Year.

This Time Next Year: A Guide to Long-Term Goal Planning


(Discounts available to This Time Next Year Members) Tickets are available here
Thursday, 7th February, 2019, 7pm
This Time Next Year, 80 Ruckholt Road, Leyton, E10 5FA Contact: for additional information.

The Study Room London – The Home of Luxury, Productive Stationery.

This Time Next Year – A Coworking Community to Help your business thrive.